5 – Take the Dental Impression

Step 1: Impression taking

The first step is to take the impression of your lower dental arch following the instructions on this manual and send them back to us by express postage.

1) Take the impression Kit. The kit includes:

  • Impression Putty
  • 2 Impression Trays (of different sizes)

2) Take the 2 impression trays and try them on, one by one, by placing them on the lower arch of your teeth to see which one fits better to your arch. Once you choose the right tray you will not need the others.


3) Take the impression tray and take the two putties from the tubs before placing them in one of your hands.

It is important to ensure that you wash your hands and ensure they are clean to prevent dust or dirt from coming into contact with the putties.


4) Take half white and half purple putties and mix them together to get the first dental impression. After you have taken the first impression, mix the remaining putties (half white and half purple) to get the second impression. The putties should be mixed together in your hands until they have blended into one uniform color. Now, roll the putty into a sausage shape before placing it into the impression tray. Using your thumbs, press the putty inside the impression tray.

N.B. In order to prevent premature setting, this stage must be completed within a minute.


5) Using a mirror for guidance, open your mouth as wide as you possibly can and with your hand insert the impression tray into your mouth.

N.B. It is important to make sure that teeth are aligned towards the center of the putty.

TIP – Ensure there is plenty of putty towards the front edges of the tray so both your teeth and gums are captured by the impression, before biting down as deep as you can.


6) Try to keep your top lip up and out of the way as you firmly push the tray straight upwards and into your teeth. This should be done until your teeth reach the bottom of the tray.

Your lip can now be pulled over the wall of the tray as you close your mouth. Use your own suction ability to suck the putty tight to your gums and teeth. Using both hands keep the tray in place for two to three minutes.


CAUTION – Do not push up, pull out and push back up again as this may result in an inaccurate impression.


7) When you have your completed impression, simply place it in the box enclosed within the impression kit.image13

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