4 – If you use Acrylic (liquid+powder) Resin

1) How to prepare the resin

2) Ho to put the bite

3) How to remove old pits

The Tailored Rectifier is the best device to take control of your balancing process and reach huge results. In fact with the Tailored Rectifier you can control your dental height. It is built following the anatomy of your dental arches. Finally, it is much less invasive than the Plug and Play Rectifier. This is why it is so powerful.

To get the Tailored Rectifier you have to click this page.



  1. Renaud Garelli


    I have seen on that video that when you do a new registration, there is still a big layer of resin that is still present on the splint, from which we remove the old pits, and then put an additional layer of fresh new resin to make the new registration.

    1) Is the goal of each registration do go higher and higher to increase height between dental arches? (which would explain why there is still one part of the previous layer of resin present on the splint)
    Or is it just in order to use less new resin at the next registration? (and decrease material price)

    2) And another question that i didn’t find answer yet: how could i determine the initial height needed on my first rectifier (how height i should add with resin or polymorph on the splint?)
    Is that determined with the SPI (thanks to moreno), or is there a method to know if there is enought height, not enought or even if we added to much?
    Can something be mesured/looked in order to determine that point, or is it only based on our own feelings of tension/relaxation of head muscles?

    I think these points are quite importants to know in order to use the rectifier on the best and most efficient way, so i’m waiting for your replies! 🙂

    Thanks Valerio and Moreno for your help!

    1. Valerio

      1) Absolutely not, the goal is not to add more and more resin. You have to find the right height for you.

      2) The best way to determine the right height for you is to have a skype call with Moreno. You have right to 2 free Skype call. Write him an email in order to book a call.

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