Sonja Nuhanovic

    • Name: Sonja
      Surname: Nuhanovic
      Birth date: 10.07.1960
      Where do you live? Jerusalem, Israel
      Height: 158cm
      Weight: 60kg
      Diagnosis: Scoliosis, lordosis and khyphosis, loss of hearing and vision, tinnitus, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, tachycardia, neck hemangioma,
      Symptomes: Panic attack, anxiety, neck-shoulder pain, pain in my knees,

      Which activities you cannot do? I can not run.
      How do you feel?: anxity, fet, dissatisfied,
      Which therapies did you try before? Feldenkrais method, yoga, acupressure, physical therapy
      Introduce yourself: Beck and pelvis pain started in my late teenage. At the age of 22 for short perod of time, just 4-5 days I could not move my body – like completely paralyzed. Soon after that I noticed symptoms of khyphosis. Between age of 25 and 30 I lost all 3 RL ย molars. At 46 appeared problem with my knees. I started rapidly to loss hearing and vision. Got panic attack in the middle of the night which was followed by sleep apnea, snoring and tachycardia. Pain in my neck and right arm increased. When one morning I woke up with terrible pain in my right eye I realized how my face and the whole body is in imbalance. ย Started to look for help and just in few days starecta advertisement appeared on the screen. And here I am…. Hope that starecta method can help me despite my age.




        I am just reading all instructions before I get material and have a few questions. How long I should wear rectifier in first 15 days, 24/7? Should I eat with it? The better question is how can I eat with it? And how long during the day I need to wear it after first 15 days?

        Thank you!!


          You should wear it 24/24 but don’t be too fanatic. If you are tired remove it also for a few hours. During the night you should wear it, but once you get tired remove it. The body need to recover from the effort made by the splint.

          You should eat in the way you feel more comfortable. You don’t need to eat with Rectifier. Some people eat with the Rectifier some don’t.

          You should wear the Rectifier as long as you can but if you have an important meeting, a speech or you are simply tired remove it. No problem!

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