• First Name: Renaud
      Last Name: GARELLI
      Birth date: 10/01/81
      Where do you live? Toulouse (France)
      Height: 174 cm
      Weight: 52 kg

      Diagnosis: Scoliosis – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – digestive problems – neck and shoulder pain – hormonal disturbance – lyme disease – adrenal fatigue

      Symptomes: tiredness, hormonal imbalance, tension headaches, digestive disturbances, ANS disturbance (orthostatic hypotension), brain fog

      Which activities you cannot do?: Sports, walking long distances, eating normal food quantities, having energy to do usual things durong the day.

      How do you feel?: hopeful since the beginning (even if it’s not easy everyday!)

      Which therapies did you try before?: Physical therapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, chelation and alternative lyme protocols, herbs and vitamins, energetic/electromagnetic medecine

      Introduce yourself: At 17 years old, i began to have chronic digestive disturbance (which was not explained by allopathic medecine), and at 24 years old i began to have many health problems (pain, tension, insomnia, ANS trouble, brain fog, fatigue,…)
      After severals years of alternative medecines, i can manage severals of my symptoms, but still have difficulties with bad digestion, neck/tension pain and ANS disturbance. I hope starecta will help me on that remaining problems!


        Good luck Renaud… I believe you have come to the right place.. keep us updated on your progress


          Thank you very much for your kind words Ken!

          Yes i’m confident that with starecta i will make big progress on my global health, and of course i will update my profile through the next months 🙂



            Hello Valerio and Moreno,

            I have posted severals questions about the videos in order to understand well some details, but they are still in state “awaiting for moderation”.
            If you can validate them and help me on these topics, it would be great 🙂




              Thank you Renaud, my fault. Check now


                Thank you very much Valerio!


                  Hi Moreno, Valerio and starecta students 🙂

                  I have tried to make my first registration some days ago and i’m not sure if the height is good (or if i need more or less height?), if the protusion need to be changed, and if i need to put more height on left (as my head seems to fall on that side)

                  I have taken some pictures and i’m going to paste them after that message, so that you look at them and let me know what do you think about them.

                  Thank you very much!


                    Here is my oclusion without the rectifer (overbite)



                      I don’t understand what’s happen : i click on “image” , then upload the picture (the link appear on the message) but when i post it, it seems that there is no pictures screened.

                      And now the “edit” button disapeared…humm too bad 🙁

                      Am i doing something wrongly?




                        Well it seems to work now…:) so here are other pictures from my actual oclusion


                          And now… my first trials with the rectifier:


                            Valerio, Moreno,

                            Can you give some advices please?
                            What do you think about the height? does it sounds good or the pictures make you feel that i need some changes?

                            Thanks you for your help,



                              I’m sorry I was away in Latina for some days and I could not connect to the academy.

                              1) The height seems ok. Your mouth is closed so it’s not too wide.

                              2) Do you feel your molars touching the splint more than other teeth? This is an important feeling. Molars must carry the weight more tha other teeth.

                              3) What do you feel? It’s important your feeling to understand if the registration is ok or not. Do you feel better, more relaxed? Tell us.

                              4) Did you talk with Moreno on Skype? He should give you the best suggestions to make your first registration.


                                Thanks a lot Valerio!

                                Yes the contact points are only on molars (and little on premolars).
                                I have not really tried to wear the rectifier for the moment because i have an another health concern that i have to deal with before.. so i will be able to begin really in a few weeks, but wanted to gain time with registration trials before. But the little i have weared the rectifier i didn’t felt bad: no disturbance/pain on jaw or TMJ and it was quite good.

                                Yes i have talked with Moreno, we will make a skype point soon in order to have advices from his side 🙂

                                I felt that i can accustom and speak with the rectifier, but it seems to be quite hard to eat with it. So is it necessary to eat with it? I mean is that at that particular moment that the rectifier works more to rectify the jaw/head position, or is that ok to remove it just 30 mn / 1 hour a day in order to eat without it?
                                I have read that you told peoples that they could sleep without it if it was a problem for them and it still be working good, but is also the case with eating without it?

                                Thank you!



                                  Thank you for your answer Valerio!

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