Franc Drandafillja

    • Name: Franc

      Surname: Drandafillja

      Birthdate: 25/12/1990

      Where do you live: Milan (Italy)

      Height: 1.82 m

      Weight: 70 kg

      Diagnosis: I never really made a scientific diagnosis but I think forward neck posture

      Symptomes: Tired easily, muscular contracture (neck muscles, jaw muscles,back muscles)

      How do you feel: depressed

      Which terapies did you try before: I tried only some exercises

      Introduce yourself: I think since i was kid I had bad postureย and round shoulders but problems begin to show when i was 20 years old. ย Something personal happened (my father died) and I was very depressed. I passed days on my room in front of my computer and my body begin to change cause of the bad posture. It all started with my mouth. It was like my jaw was completely disfunctional, ive never seen anything like that before, I feel the neck “blocked” my jaw muscles. I dont know to explain very well. I can say that when i stand up I feel my neck is not in the right place, is blocking me somehow, like a burden. This it showed when i speak which made me very depressed. I literally started to talk less to not show it, to hide it. And if that wasnt enough I have a horrible profile (one side view) too. I was embarrased staying in front of others etc. Made me very asocial and angry frankly with myself. Always in bad mood cause i couldnt accept it. Now im 26 years old. And i cant go like this anymore. Its very hard for me to make this public cause im very closed and proud person. Im very strong willed and i always had hope but i cant deny that sometimes i had suicidal thoughts.

      P.S I will provide Xraysย soon as possible.







          Day 1/ 8.00 p.m

          I activated starecta this morning. And the impact was incredible. Once i activated the splint I felt my spine straighten right away. It was like all that burden, that heavy feeling i had on my neck was all gone. Felt like my shoulders were going in the right place and head had the support it supposed to have. Its a bit bothersome cause its hard to talk but its worth it. I havent felt this good in years. Total relief. Ill post updates every week.


            Day 3/11 a.m

            There is progress everyday. But im feeling a bit tired with rectifier on. Is it normal?


              Day 31 /10.54 am

              This is the result of the first month. Feeling great. Pretty satisfied


                Hi Franc, what is your registration method for the splint?

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