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      Name: Edward
      Surname: Tyler
      Birth date: 11/15/1993
      Where do you live? Los Angeles, California
      Height: 5’11
      Weight: 150 lbs

      Diagnosis: From what I’m aware of neck is curved inverse way and forward head, lower back is off, hip higher than the other and maybe pelvis is twisted, obviously facial asymmetry with cant to the jaws, shoulders pulled inward, case of pectus excavatum (sunken chest) that was treated through surgery, mandibular prognathism class 3 (underbite) that was treated through surgey, underdeveloped upper face, flat feet, one foot turned out…. and probably more things but that’s good for now!

      Symptoms: No real consistent pain but recently more back pain from being unable to find comfort sleeping and occasionally intense lower back pain coming from nowhere. Often low levels of energy or drive, often feeling drawn to sitting or laying down for most of the day. Having problems with tapping into my innate abilities, drive, and capabilities with connecting with other people in multiple ways. Issues with digestion that could be related to structure like bad bloating regardless of what I eat. Some kind of build up of either scar tissue or bone obstruction at the base of my groin/pelvis constricting blood flow. Potential bone loss in jaw. Obstructed nasal breathing from nasal bone asymmetry and in turn septum and turbinate asymmetry

      Which activities you cannot do?: Have never had the desire or I feel the ability to exert myself physically in certain ways, nearly any kind of sports activity since I was a child was horrible to me. Sometimes I feel so inhibited on a daily basis that going through a normal daily routine of getting up and doing things feels too taxing. Sexual functioning is not at an optimal level and fluctuates for seemingly no reason. Concentration on a variety of things varying from those that I’m innately interested to those I just need to do is often very difficult. Following through with things feels near impossible at times.

      How do you feel?: Incapable, sometimes cursed, falling into states of despair when it seems I’m stuck with some of the problems I have for life.

      Which therapies did you try before?: I’ve had five surgeries, three for my chest abnormality and two for my jaws. Orthodontic treatment for many years when younger, had four teeth pulled. I’ve done neurocranial restructuring with Plato and the inventor of the procedure Dean Howell, as well as pulling the maxilla forward with a device. Osteopathic treatments and chiropractic including advanced biostructural correction. Various “holistic” treatments and currently take some drugs from doctors.

      Introduce yourself: I’ve had bone abnormalities since I was 12, my upper face didn’t develop and my chest was sinking in making life and my perception of myself difficult during that time. I had them surgically corrected but the body is so clearly linked that the patterns from my off formation still exist within me. As well the trauma of extensive surgery from age 14 to 19, though I’m not even entirely aware of it, also still affects me and may even be the cause of some of the issues I have now. I strive to cure myself of all ailments that feel preventative of me being the most complete I can in life and in fact excel and thrive. In turn I want that for all others so I’m quite happy to be here.