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      I have (Cervical Dystonia as well) so was hoping for a miracle lol… everything i have read about skull collapse , skeletal collapse makes so much sense when it comes to teeth being removed, orthodontic work etc.
      Keep in touch and let me know what you are finding with this treatment. I have found a good height now and have just started wearing my rectifier full time yesterday. was making a few adjustments the last couple of days.


        Ok, i am wondering the same, i have a huge gap between my front top and bottom teeth … I am a student two days a week doing massage therapy so this could be an issue? have you heard back if the gap closes. I have looked at other persons that have done this method such as Ken Leaver in one of his first videos 2 months in and it seems he can talk very well and you cannot see the rectifier. You can see mine quite clearly.


          Name: Debbie
          Surname: Pasacreta
          Birthdate: Nov 15 1966
          Where do you Live: Calgary , Alberta Canada
          Hight: 5″4
          Weight: 135
          Diagnosis: unofficially Cervical Dystonia
          Symptoms: Muscle tightening , head twisting up a bit and to the right
          Wich activities can you not do: I can do any activity but my neck will be sore during. I am more tired than i used to be
          What Therapies: Chiro, acupuncture, yoga, physiotherapy, massage, cupping.
          Active 49 years young, two children grown (25, 26) one grandchild (6)
          Had braces when I was 11-15 to correct a underbite