Seb Restrepo

  • Seb

      Name: Seb
      Surname: Restrepo
      Birth date: 9 June 1992
      Where do you live? Grew up in NYC. Soon East Asia.
      Height: 175 cm
      Weight: 68kg kg
      Diagnosis: Thoracic Dextro Scoliosis 20 Degrees.
      -Pain in upper lumbar and right thoracic region of back. Cannot sit for more than 20 minutes.

      -Stiffness and tight muscles in neck and shoulder, especially right side of neck and right shoulder region.

      -Numb pain and numbness in coccyx and pelvic region, sometimes extending to legs. Legs often go numb while sitting.

      -Intense pressure and stabbing pain when I attempt to exercise i.e. run.

      -Tight and clicky jaw that sometimes interferes with speech.

      -Overall decreased lung capacity, energy, sex-drive, cognition, etc.

      Which activities you cannot do? Speak in loud areas, intense aerobic exercise.

      How do you feel?: I had so many health problems I overcompensated with success in other areas such as academia, culminating in digital nomadism. Now that I’m addressing these problems head-on I feel empowered.

      Which therapies did you try before?: Regular chiropractic for pain relief. General health and neurotropic advice such as that on the
      My sister who also has scoliosis tried clear, which was the worst decision my family ever made.
      I am beginning an experiment with Inclined Bed Therapy.



          hi Seb, i myself tried CLEAR too in Singapore, this is the worst and rubbish method. They use machines to pull the neck and spine, and the doctors know nothing about spine and cause of scoliosis !!

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