Plato Powers

  • Plato Powers

      Name: Plato
      Surname: Powers
      Birth date: 4/17/71
      Where do you live? New York City (United States)
      Height: 6’2″
      Weight: 220 lbs
      Diagnosis: Don’t know “degrees” of scoliosis (never officially diagnosed), but twisted spine, one hip higher than other, canted maxilla…
      Symptoms: Feeling “restricted,” frustrated all the time, prone to bouts of rage, need to sleep more than “normal.”
      Which activities you cannot do? Scoliosis held me back in many areas of my life. It’s like being a cripple in a wheelchair but since most people look and see nothing wrong with you, you get no sympathy and just end up in the “loser” pile.
      How do you feel? Bitter and resentful, cheated, frustrated…
      Which therapies did you try before? Nearly everything – Atlas Orthoganol, chiropractic, all forms of bodywork, orthodontics, endonasal therapy, swimming, yoga, etc. Contemplated surgery at one point but doctors are a pretty stupid and untrustworthy lot…
      Introduce yourself: I have been wearing my rectifier for 10 months now making adjustments every 7-14 days and I have made more progress towards resolving my scoliosis than anything I have done over close to 20 years to address this crippling issue.

      Plato Powers

        Here are my pictures just before starting Starecta:

        Here are my pictures after 6 months of Starecta:

        Here are my pictures after 10 months of Starecta:

        I know I need to show you front and side shots, I will have them soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

        Plato Powers

          Here are the other shots if you want to create 10-month before-and-afters…

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