Mart Voltri

  • Mart Voltri

      Name: Mart
      Surname: Voltri
      Birth date: 6/5/82
      Where do you live? Tallinn (Estonia)
      Height: 185 cm
      Weight: 76 kg
      Diagnosis: scoliosis with twsited spine
      Symptomes: Pain in neck (front and back), shoulders, upper back (next to spine), pectorial muscles
      Which activities you cannot do?: Sport, walking long distances, driving with car long distances.
      How do you feel?: depressed
      Which therapies did you try before?: Physical therapy, swimming, chiropractic, yoga.
      Introduce yourself:
      I have had bad posture all my life. Two years ago i noticed i had a real problem when i changed my car (it was impossible to find normal sitting position). From this 2014. january it has been a struggle. I have met several doctors, chiropractors, done yoga. I have had mild success with some help changing my posture in last chiropractor clinic (2015 jan- to august) where i did decompression therapy. It felt really good and helped me to gain better posture. But i feel like the roots of my problems are not cured and the pain comes back soon after therapy is over. I feel like i have no support for my head and it drops forward, and when it does it generates muscles tension in my neck, shoulders etc. The more yoga and strengtening exercises i do the more pain i have. Also if i try to sit straight i feel like me spine is pressed together (upper part) and it generates pain.

      Mart Voltri

        Mart Voltri

          I have started the Starecta treatment today with rectifier installed.
          To get better overview i add new X-ray pictures.
          My first added pictures are 07.2014.
          Today i add 08.2015 picture where some improvements are seen. I think due to 3 reasons
          Posture pump (daily use), decompression therapy and chiropractic treatment.

          Mart Voltri

            It has beeb more than 48 hours now, and i will add my first comments in hope for some replay. I didnt want to make the rectifier myself, so i made an agreement with one dental office, where they have othodontics also. One specialist i spoke with looked my teeth and said i have several occlusion issues, also she said that the correlation between occlusion and posture was already known at the 40s. But i have met with other doctors also, theiy have said there is no correlation. Based on my todays experience i tend to belive there is correlation, and quite important one.
            So i went to my local dentist office, and they made my teeth copy made of gypsium. After that the othodont technician took the gypsium copy and made the plastic rectifier. I ordered two rectifiers, one that increased the gap between teeth 3mm, second that increased the gap 5mm. This cost me 210 eur, and took about 10 days to deliver. As i wrote before i recived it on thursday. Now it has been 48 hours and i will decribe what i feel.
            First feeling is, that my symptoms have decreased quite a lot. I feel strenght in my back i have never felt before. Also after 48h, if i look at the mirror, my shoulders are almost at the same level. I tried both the 3mm and 5mm rectifier. The 3mm i only tried. The gap was too small to gave greater impact. 5mm is better, but still not enough. I have tested and belive i need about 9mm to rectifer, to feel complete. At the moment i feel increase of strencht in my low back, but because the rectifer is not enough height, my head still drops forward, and i feel some upper back pain, nect to my spine. Next week i plan to order new recifiers with measures, 7,8,9 mm, 3 units in total. I will test how they feel. About the recifier also, i dont know if there is a difference but the rectifer the othodonts make are installed to lower not upper teeth. Because it is professional unit it feels, quite tight and solid.

            I will also write some words about the past and how i have got to Starecta and this forum.
            Beginning of 2014 i changed my car. The new car had sports seats with now possibility to adjust. It made me feel increadibly uncomfortabele and painful. It was almost impossible to drive. The first year i tried several therapis, stretching, kiropractor, end of the year Yoga. None of it had any help. Beginning of 2015 i found a specialist in Estonia, (very expensive), who looked at my pictures and told he will cure me in two months. I started in january. The biggest effect was decompression therapy and posture pump i bought form internet. Basically they used the same machine as in this picutre With heavy usage i started to see big changes. In 4 months my posture changed quite a lot. My seating position chaged. But still i felt miserable! I felt like something was missing. I didnt understand what was the question. Every three months i visited a preffesional massage therapist. This quy was former specialist for the Estonian Cross country sky team, so he was very professional. I started visiting him already middle of 2014, but then he also was struglinng to give clear answer what was the cause. In may 2015 after i had had more than 25 decompression treatments, agressive yoga 6 months + daily posture pump usage i went to see the massare therapeut again. When he was checking my muscles he said that, my neck, shoulders, upper chest are very stressed. He suggested me look up this page starecta from web and said he thinks i have a condition with lack of head support.

            I will add also one picture about the rectifier.


              Very interesting your story Matt I’m glad Starecta can really help you. Go ahead and let we know.

              Now listen to me:

              The rectifier must change every 15-20 days did you talk with Moreno in order to learn how to adjust it?

              This is a very important point.

              Mart Voltri

                I would be greatful to talk with Moreno. Please write me about to availabilty.
                One rectifier from the orthodont is about 100eur, so i planned to buy one every 15 days until end of seccion. Only thing i was strugglying was how they should adjust it. But based on the feeling i have, it seems they got it quite right using the gypsium copy and 5mm of heigt. What i dont understand at the moment is that, in the future will i only increase the heigh or is there i incline difference also, should i take maybe new gypsium model every 2 months or so.
                I also tend to belive that my case is a bit different becuase of the very heavy youga, compression therapy + posture pump usage. This jan to may period was very hard for my body, when it made the transition, changing my seating postion. So i feel like i am more ready for use of rectifier, my body has already made quite a lot of this muscular change.
                i forgot to add the posture pump link. My expensive chiropractor advised it to me.
       I ordered the full model (manual, not electric) from usa, cost about 500usd. I found it very helpful.


                  Hi Mart I moved your last discussion in another forum. This is your personal page where you update your progress. For any question please open a topic in the correct forum.

                  Old discussion here

                  Moreno Conte

                    My skype is Morenoconte

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