Lewis Rowlands

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      Name: Lewis
      Surname: Rowlands
      Birth date: 08/10/90
      Where do you live? Sheffield (uk)
      Height: 5′ 11″
      Weight: 10 stone
      Diagnosis: Self diagnosed
      Symptomes: Mainly eye problems that are related to posture, tight muscles and poor blood flow (visual snow). Some fatigue, very tight muscles and core, forward head posture, misalignment of face.
      Which activities you cannot do?:ย I can do any activities but I tire easily
      How do you feel?: depressed
      Which therapies did you try before?:ย Rolfing, Nutrition, Detox, stretches yoga. All has helped I used to be a very sick person 6 years ago, Ive come along way, posture and tight muscles holding me back though.
      Introduce yourself:
      Hi I’m lewis, started getting bad symptoms so young at the age of 14. Depression, anxiety, brain fog, detatchment, spaciness, fatigue, skin problems, blurred vision. 6 years ago was diagnosed with adrenal burnout. Spent the past 6 years recovering from that, come along way, however tight muscles, posture and a very annoying eye condition related to posture and tight muscles holding me back.


      HERE ARE SOME HEAD SHOTS. I feel like most of my issues come from head assymetry, but hey Im not the expert.



      SO First I went for posture A/B – Moreno, can you confirm posture A/B is correct?

      I made the rectifier, and it was very high see below

      HOWEVER – It felt great to be honest, plenty of head support, I heard plenty of good cracks and adjustments, jaw had some crazy movement (P.S THIS ONE ONLY WHEN I HAD THE RECTIFIER IN FOR 1 HOUR!!!)

      Problem was I couldnt speak well at all, and although it felt good something was telling me it was too high.

      So I reduced it to this.


      The support doesnt feel as much but I can still feel some support but its not as powerful.

      One issue I think I have is that my lower jaw may have come too far forward. Moreno I know you say bring it forward 1-3mm. To be honest I think I miss calculated this and its more like 5. Probably not good, It looks my my lower jaw position without the rectifier in is ok, below are two images. One without the rectifier in picture 1. and the other with. Notice how the lower jaw has come way forward. is this OK?

      pic 1 below -before

      pic 2 below – after



      Am I doing it right, second time around less height, feels less supported and jaw feels too far forward.

      First time round great suppport, jaw felt in good position but the height felt way too big compared to how others have it PLUS my pictures done seam to show lordosis or alot of kyphosis?

      Please advice ๐Ÿ™‚




        ignore this reply. forgot to click notify me in email.


          Hi Lewis

          I’m just starting out with this as well. I’ve tried different spacing as well and currently have a gap about the same as yours. ย I’m not noticing any popping or adjusting but maybe that will come in time. ย I have to take the rectifier out to eat and talk because there is no way to eat with this in.

          I’m confused about the gap between the molars. Obviously there is spacing with the rectifier in but when I take the rectifier out my dental arches just close normally with no gap. Where as Moreno has a closed front teeth with a gap between the molars without the rectifier in. Maybe the more I wear the rectifier this will happen to me. Hopefully Moreno can clarify this.



            I think that over the past 6 years Ive really been healing hard. My body used to be solid, but over the past 6 years of nutrition, detox and lifestyle changes I think my body is quite open to change so Im probably feeling much more changes quicker. I used to do spine stretches and not hear anything, However I did these everyday for 3 years and now my spine is flexible so I think the rectifier for me changes things quite quickly, so I woudnt worry about it too much.


            In terms of height I was thinking the same, my instinct is that it will take some time for the rectifier to realign the skull so that it pushes the back teeth up and the front slowly over time may come forward. But Im not worrying about it for now.


            Im sure moreno can clarify properly. I would suggest a good quality diet, lifestyle changes etc so that the body is aided in these structural and muscular changes!


              Ok, i am wondering the same, i have a huge gap between my front top and bottom teeth … I am a student two days a week doing massage therapy so this could be an issue? have you heard back if the gap closes. I have looked at other persons that have done this method such as Ken Leaver in one of his first videos 2 months in and it seems he can talk very well and you cannot see the rectifier. You can see mine quite clearly.




                I’m at 3 months now, i can talk without any problems, try to get some space for your tongue :), tha gap take some times yeah, i have it already, but i cant eat with reactifier either. But now i have a gap, without rectifier there is no more support from molars, and the fulcrum is located in front teeth not sure its a good thing tho. I have a cervical dystonia, so i guess my problem is a bit more complex, no miracles yet, still shaking, time will tell.




                  I have (Cervical Dystonia as well) so was hoping for a miracle lol… everything i have read about skull collapse , skeletal collapse makes so much sense when it comes to teeth being removed, orthodontic work etc.
                  Keep in touch and let me know what you are finding with this treatment. I have found a good height now and have just started wearing my rectifier full time yesterday. was making a few adjustments the last couple of days.




                    Quick update after just under 48 hours. Still astounded by whats happening. Currently for me theres been such a shift im starting to have some healing reactions. So I feel crappy at the moment, an ear infection ive had since birth I can feel is draining away and its making me feel a little sick, constantly cracking and twisting. Ive struggled to sit up straight for years.

                    What I eam trying to do though is stick my tongue to the roof and suck on it, I feel it helps, especially when you take out the rectifier for whatever reason.


                    I can talk a little better now, need to make some room for my tongue to talk better.

                    One trade-off you get from the rectifier is that already im relying on it. But hey, cant win everything.



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