Ken Leaver

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      Name: Ken
      Surname: Leaver
      Birth date: 7/6/1977
      Where do you live? Ho Chi Minh City, Vietna
      Height: 178 cm
      Weight: 70 kg
      Diagnosis: TMJ, cervical spine straightened
      Symptomes: tightness pain in left side of temporal area/neck/shoulder, weak tight voice, brain fog / poor short term memory.
      Which activities you cannot do?: Speak in loud areas
      How do you feel?: i used to feel a bit depressed and unsocial, concerned about impact on job / family life.
      Which therapies did you try before?: TMJ splint therapy (5 splints), physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, yoga/pilates, osteopathy, lots of different drugs that neurologists and other doctors prescribed me.

      Introduce yourself:
      At around 23yrs old i started to feel tightness in my neck/throat that would lead to a very weak voice. I thought for awhile it was GERD or a problem with my sinuses but nothing could be detected and treatments didn’t help. Later when i was 26 i started seeing a chiropractor and tried acupuncture, but also to no avail. Then at around 31 yrs old i did a lot of physiotherapy, which also provided some short term relief. At 34 yrs old i began trying TMJ splint therapy and went through about 5 splints over the course of 3 years. Only one of them helped but the effect only lasted for several months. Now i am doing starecta for about 2 months and feeling quite a bit better. The brain fog, short term issue has improved a lot and i feel myself walking straighter with less tightness in my neck/back.

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