Jonathan Debs

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      Name: Jonathan
      Surname: DEBS
      Birth date: 28/12/84
      Where do you live? Strasbourg (France)
      Height: 188 cm
      Weight: 85 kg
      Diagnosis: Cervical dystonia / Scoliosis

      Symptomes: Head shaking / Neck pain / Back pain /, tiredness (sometimes I feel like an old person…), Migraines (sometimes hard ophthalmic ones (don’t know if there is a link) / Assymetric body (especially the face starting to move from straight axis)

      Which activities you cannot do?: I can do everything but some difficulties writing or doing precise things (head shaking), I shouldn’t do everything I guess but I decided not to let my illness overcome my life, I keep on working out and doing sport.
      How do you feel?: Good 
      Which therapies did you try before?: Some ostheopathy, but in dystonia you have to find a professional who has knowledge of it or it can worsen, which is rare, so…
      Introduce yourself:

      Sorry if my English is not so good.
      My dystonia started in 2010, I was playing video games, and I started feeling shakings, I was like what the f…?!, it worsen over years, basic neurologists couldn’t find what I had so I made my own research on internet, and ended up for a dystonia which is clear now. I have botox injections every 3 months to calm the shakes, but its not a cure.
      Well, my dystonia is not the worst one, when I compare to some other people so I can’t whine about it, and I just accepted my fate, I think acceptance is an important thing. But pains, shakings, the skull moving from central axis, I guess its gonna be worse with time passing by… and when I found Marcello website (, and I just felt like he had exactly what I have, all the details explanations theory, seems perfectly logic to me, and that’s how I ended up here, wanting to try this method.
      I must admit the disclaimer kinda scared me, so I guess I will start by trying starecta to see the early on effects, then I will decide if I go on or not.

      You can see my main problem is located in cervical zone, and my skull is not symetric anymore, will publish photos later today.



          First splint try with Moreno, i put my jaw a bit much forward i guess, have to train now. A bit hard to be precise when head is shaking 🙂


          Moreno Conte

            need that resin arrive to touch here


            Moreno Conte

              need that you touch all your premolars, canine no, but all premolars yes.


              Moreno Conte

                need that the resin touch all premolars


                  That was my first try Moreno :p

                  I did much better in the second one, and drilled all external cusps, gonna reconvert in scuplter ! 🙂

                  I still have no clue, how you guys can eat with this, i can almost not drink or smoke lol, i tried eating, its just impossible  ^^

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