Elizabeth D'Angelo

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      Name: Elizabeth (Beth)
      Surname: D’Angelo
      Birth date: 6/30/80
      Where do you live? Florida, USA
      Height: 5 ft, 5 inches
      Weight: 130 lbs
      Diagnosis: scoliosis, cross bite with mandible to the left, two herniated disks in cervical spine, possible Chiari malformation, a syrinx, herrington rod fusion of thoracic spine when I was 12, myalgic encephalomylitis (inflammation of the brain and spinal cord).
      Symptoms: severe weakness, head/neck instability, head ache, eye pain, jaw pain, hiatal hernia, hypersensitivity to sound and movement.
      Which activities you cannot do?: I have recently been bed bound for 8 months. I’m just now getting well enough to sit up for a few hours per day and a tiny bit of walking from the bathroom to my bedroom.
      How do you feel?: like I’m getting better!
      Which therapies did you try before?: I am currently working on improving my methylation via the Amy Yasko Protocol. This is helping my energy! Otherwise, I have tried tons of things.
      Introduce yourself:


        Health History Timeline


        1980 Born

        1986 Cat allergies

        1988 Mild hypoglycemia started

        1991 Scoliosis found

        1993 Scoliosis fusion in thoracic vertebrae at 13

        1995 Started smoking cigarettes

        1994-1996 Braces

        1996 Started teaching spinning (taught for 15 years onwards). Was very fit and active.

        1996 PMS started


        1998-2001 Started college as an art major. Exposure to art supplies. Cigarettes, alcohol and light recreational drug use.

        1999 Got on birth control- Loestrin- PMS stopped completely

        1999-2000 Started getting bronchitis often from smoking. Took many rounds of antibiotics and started having mild constipation.

        2001 Stopped smoking cigarettes, stopped drinking, stopped drinking coffee and bought a beautiful road bike as a reward!


        Active adult with mild health issues

        2004 Graduated from college and moved to NYC for 6 months- stressed and overworked (no days off- interning at a post production company 2 days/week and working as a personal trainer 5 days/week), gained a little weight.

        2004 Moved to Atlanta. Stopped eating grains- constipation vanished.

        2004 Worked as a waitress in a high volume fast paced restaurant. Non-stop moving.

        2005 Hurt SI joint at work while bartending at restaurant. Started having myofascial pain syndrome that spread from my SI joint upwards. Very stressed. Was forced to quit job. Hypoglycemia worsened a little. Food allergies began. Tried to stop Flonase, but allergic response was severe, so started again.

        2006 Working full time as an artist and art teacher. Exposure to art supplies. Stopped eating sugar- myofacial pain stopped, blood sugar issues improved.

        2006 Moved into apartment that was later found (4 years later) to have a faulty water heater hook up. So possible exposure to chronic low grade carbon monoxide.

        2006 Fell in love, fatigue and food allergies, started doing regular colonics, started b complex and mineral support.

        2007 Felt better!

        2007 Heart badly broken- started smoking cigarettes and drinking, weight fell off of me.

        2007 Got off birth control because of breakouts on face- acne resolved.

        2008 Stopped smoking and drinking.

        2009 Started gaining weight for no apparent reason (not related to diet- diet was very clean w no sugar and no grains at this point)- probably connected to being off the pill after 7 years and stopping smoking.

        2009 Went to doctor because of weight gain- was put on Armour thyroid hormones, DHEA and was instructed to do a homeopathic detox and saunas.

        2009 Three months later, stopped thyroid, DHEA and detox- starting having severe thirst. Rapid decline at this point.


        Severe Illness began- too sick to work and care for self

        2010 Oct- moved home, adrenal exhaustion symptoms.

        2010- Tried to wean off of Flonase (not sure when I started, but it was at least before 2005)- caused severe crash- severe inflammation throughout GI track, swollen gums, severe food intolerances- down to 10 foods/all cooked, bladder inflammation and severe EMF sensitivity (unable to go online at all), severe salt wasting, up peeing 4-8 times per night.

        2010-2011- Tried lots of things- started juicing every day, coffee enemas, ashwaghanda (helped), b12 shots (reduced sound sensitivity and improved energy), etc.

        2012- Started Adrenal Cortex Extract (ACE) drops (3)- energy improved, less sensitivity, better sleep, sodium wasting stopped, started wasting potassium instead. This caused severe muscle spasms which caused structural shifting.

        2012- Three months of muscle spasms from K loss and suddenly unable to lift arms, then vision became painful and distorted. Then hiatal hernia and then paralysis.

        2012-2013 Paralyzed in bed for full year.

        2013- Chiropractor and massage therapists came and adjusted atlas, neck, hiatal hernia, ribs and started improving. MRI shows 2 herniated disks in neck in contact with cord. Now able to walk to mailbox and go out to 2-3 chiropractic appointments/ week. Also able to listen to music and talk on the phone. Hands are in contracture during this time, from being bedridden previously.

        April 12, 2014- Energy crash from overdoing (going to too many health related appointments back to back). Severe sound sensitivity and muscular fatigue. Been almost entirely bedroom bound since then. Able to paint small paintings and go online, but otherwise, extremely limited.

        Summer 2015- iron infusions, crash after fourth infusion.  Worsening lactic acid buildup in muscles.  Have not left the house for any reason since then.  Became 100% housebound.

        Jan 19, 2015 Introduced ReMag (liquid ionic magnesium) 150mg- started wasting Na again- needing 1/2tsp of Na in every glass of water.

        Feb 4, 2015 Introduced ReLyte (liquid ionic minerals) 2 drops 1st day, 3 drops 2nd day- muscle spasms, extremely weak arms- haven’t been able to paint at all since then. Also, increase in sensitivity to touch.

        Then, worsening hourly crises that required transdermal magnesium every hour and oral potassium every two hours. They involved tightening of muscles, breathing paralysis or hyperventalating, and dystonia/ tremors/ seizure like episodes and gagging or choking.

        Dec, 2015 Increased coconut oil from one teaspoon to two teaspoons. Started itching on third day. Severe rash on back. Was not able to sleep for more than an hour at a time. Waking up to do my own transdermal magnesium and oral potassium every hour all night long.

        April, 2016, started oral magnesium asporotate and hourly crises stopped. Need one capsule every 7 hours, but able to tolerate one every 5, so taking that. Seizures mostly stopped, improved energy and sleep.

        April, 2016, two weeks later, overdid- crash. Flu like symptoms. Became bed bound.

        June 2016 severe stress and feeling very sensitive, so increased adrenal support: worked my way up to 9 Thornes per day. Sleep improved. Felt more calm and able to rest.

        July, 2016, down to energy of a 2 on a scale from 1-100. started stretching neck- felt energy return immediately. Fixed hiatal hernia- more energy returned. Also added one b12 lozenge, two scoops of Immunocal whey and have been eating lots of liver. Small improvements every day since June 30th.

        October, 2016- March, 2017, started adding supplements via Amy Yasko’s Protocol to support methylation.  Started with her B complex- muscles begin to have strength return.  Added her All In One- more energy and strength.  Gaba added- reduced seizures, better sleep.  Still bedbound for most of this time though.

        March 2017- now able to sit up for a majority of the day.  Able to start making art a little bit after a 2 year hiatus.  Major head and neck instability requiring massage to head and neck 6 times per day, although the frequency is decreasing the stronger I get.


          These are my most recent photos (from 2015).  As soon as I’m able, I will take some new ones, but standing is currently very difficult for me.

          Moreno Conte

            Can you write here which are the diagnosis doctors gave you?


              Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomylitis, 2 herniated cervical disk in contact with cord, scoliosis, herrington Rod fusion for scoliosis when I was twelve, adrenal exhaustion, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, hiatal hernia, low b vitamins, low glutathione, low amino acids across the board, high lactic acid ( the highest my doctor had ever seen), high unbound copper, low thyroid, impaired methylation. (I am currently improving because I am doing a protocol to improve methylation via Amy Yasko, so my muscles are starting to work again.)

              I am also wasting potassium and magnesium. Before I figured that out, I was having severe muscle spasms that precipitated the herniated disks… Had I had a sound/centered structure, I don’t think I would have herniated those disks. My illness began in 2010 when a doctor put me on thyroid hormones and crashed my adrenals. Prior to that, I was in excellent shape, and had been a spinning instructor (it’s a cardio class on stationary bikes) for 14 years. My unbalanced structure caused complete postural collapse once I lost my strength.


                Current photos.  I will get some standing as soon as possible.


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