Debbie Pasacreta

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      Am not sure where to click to enter in My new student information?


        This is the right place


          Name: Debbie
          Surname: Pasacreta
          Birthdate: Nov 15 1966
          Where do you Live: Calgary , Alberta Canada
          Hight: 5″4
          Weight: 135
          Diagnosis: unofficially Cervical Dystonia
          Symptoms: Muscle tightening , head twisting up a bit and to the right
          Wich activities can you not do: I can do any activity but my neck will be sore during. I am more tired than i used to be
          What Therapies: Chiro, acupuncture, yoga, physiotherapy, massage, cupping.
          Active 49 years young, two children grown (25, 26) one grandchild (6)
          Had braces when I was 11-15 to correct a underbite


            I have (Cervical Dystonia as well) so was hoping for a miracle lolโ€ฆ everything i have read about skull collapse , skeletal collapse makes so much sense when it comes to teeth being removed, orthodontic work etc.
            Keep in touch and let me know what you are finding with this treatment. I have found a good height now and have just started wearing my rectifier full time yesterday. was making a few adjustments the last couple of days.”


            It wasnt Lewis who has a dystonia, but me :p let’s not flood his post ! and keep on here.

            Lets keep in touch with your results, i’m trying different types of bites, full one, only internal cusps, or crossbited one. For the protocol we should use only internal ones but i feel better with a full one so not sure about results.

            A crossbite is adviced by Marcello on his blog (

            I had no dentist operations or anything like that, i think my dystonia came by a poor posture (2010 started), but of course i agree those theories make sense, thats why i try starecta, otherwise i had accepted the sickness ๐Ÿ™‚


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