Bram Desmet

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      Name: Bram

      Surname: Desmet

      Birth date: 29/03/1991

      Where do you live? Wingene (Belgium)

      Height: 177 cm

      Weight: 55 kg (want to increase that)

      Diagnosis: For the pain in my back I never really went to a doctor (after I fell on my back I went one time to a doctor but he just told me everything looked fine). And because I have a sitting job the complaints are not too bad. For my “depression” I went to a psychiatrist and I took some pills which never really worked for me. It made life less hard for me but it changed me as a person (a lot of my nearby friends and family told me that) and I experienced a lot of side effects. I used quotation marks for the word depression cause at that time I had a really bad lifestyle. Not that I was on drugs or something but I never sported, never ate healthy, … I think I felt mentally bad cause I was physical in bad shape. Now I am one year pill free and just trying to change my lifestyle both for my mental as for my physical health.

      In the pictures below you can see my spine isn’t straight, my shoulders aren’t
      parallel and my posture in general is just bad. (I showed the people who took the X rays the 4 pictures from this site but still they managed to take only X rays from my spine.)

      Symptomes: Backpain (even after just 15 minutes of walking), easily tired, brainfog, bad memory, depression and no self-control (the self-control a person needs to drastically change his/her life in a positive way).

      Which activities you cannot do? Sport, walking long distances, stand/sit straight for a long time, get things done.

      How do you feel? I have no spirit to drastically change my life.

      Which therapies did you try before? I went to a doctor for my back pain but he couldn’t help me. And for my depression, I went to a psychiatrist and used to take pills but now I’m a year free of pills. Nowadays I try to do some stretch/yoga exercises every day. The results aren’t really satisfying…

      Introduce yourself: My name is Bram Desmet and I live in a small town in Belgium. I work as a network engineer and I am 25 years old. I never really was a sport guy. Walking for just 15 minutes already hurts my back. And after a fall one year ago I have a constant tickling feeling in my lower back, like it’s sleeping. I also often experience some sort of depression but that’s due of my bad lifestyle, I think and hope. With Starecta I hope to turn my life around and which better way to do that then to begin with straightener your spine and so your overall health.

      Tomorrow I will send my tooth impressions and keep you updated when I received my Rectifier.








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