Alexandre Lagrange

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      Name: Alexandre
      Surname: Lagrange
      Birth date: 17 November 1992
      Where do you live? Orleans, France
      Height: 172 cm
      Weight: 60kg
      Diagnosis: postural thoracic hyperkyphosis (non-Scheuermann)
      – Thoracic compression, difficulty to breathe fully
      – Lower back pain
      – Cervical pain
      Which activities you cannot do?
      – Heavy bodybuilding
      – Serious sports
      – Appearing with naked torso in public without feeling self-conscious
      Which therapies did you try before?
      – Massage and stretching routines of back and chest muscles
      – Weight training of the erector spinae
      None of this had a lasting impact on my spinal curve, though the weight training of the erector spinae reduced my back pain.
      Introduce yourself:
      I have not yet started the Starecta Method, but plan to begin as soon as technically possible!

      Ever since childhood I have been plagued with a variety of physical ailments and deformities that greatly constrained the extent of what I could do. The feeling that I was bodily weak and abnormal pervaded much of my life and left a lasting negative effect on my psyche. My most serious abnormalities are excessive skinniness and thoracic hyperkyphosis. On the comestic side I have a slight pectus carinatum, and other minor flaws that I may or may not try to correct in the future, depending on the safety of the surgeries.

      My thoracic hyperkyphosis has inflicted a fatal blow on my ambitions of hypertrophying my chest muscles to make up for my thinness. Hence it is, so to speak, the essential gear to turn if I want one day to have a normal body and a normal life.

      Pictures, x-rays, etc will follow later.


        *I actually weigh 50kg, not 60kg. Which is way more of a problem. 60kg is normal BMI, 50kg is underweight/malnourished. (the link to edit my post is gone sorry.)

        In other news, today I have made the dental impression required for obtaining this dental guard, which has been recommended to me by Valerio as suitable for the Starecta treatment.

        I had two epiphanies at the moment of making the dental impression on the tray provided by the company. I was not waiting for any of them, so I was both shocked and pleasantly surprised when they happened.

        First, when my teeth bit into the paste, I suddenly was made conscious of the height discrepancy between my left teeth and my right teeth. The feedback of the gel told me very distinctly that a big height difference existed between the two ranges, and that full molar occlusion could not happen in my case.

        Could this be one of the explanations for my body asymmetry? (picture will follow)

        Secondly, I am now convinced the lever effect described by Moreno in his book is real. My head was tilted backwards when I had the tray in the mouth, and I could tilt it even more by applying pressure on a “paddle” at the front of the tray.

        This makes me extremely confident in the value of the treatment.

        I will give pictures of my body in the following post, as well as pictures of the lever effect I have just described.



          The lever effect in action:

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